Very inspiring video introducing the world to Contemporary Haitian Art

The following video would be the type of clip to showcase to those who want a quick overview of contemporary Haitian art. This well directed montage, presents in 5 minutes some of the major artwork categories Haiti has to offer and many of which are covered weekly here on The inspiring music that plays in the background as the artisans and their work are showcased help deliver the message that Haitian art is undoubtedly rich and deeply rooted in the country’s heritage. Simplicity is another aspect of this art that stole our admiration throughout this video. Who would have thought that simple tabacco leaves could be used to make such appealing vases? If you do not believe us, pay close attention to the segment between 2:15 and 2:37. Overall this is a moving video that we recommend you take a look at.

Video Courtesy of Urbanzen Zen Foundation